Monday, June 13, 2005


Been kayaking 4 out of 7 days this week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. First 3 days was my Star 2 course. Sunday was kayaking as a safety vessel for a Charity Swim.

My expe leader-ing (if I may put it that way) on Thursday was much better than I expected. Miraculous, in fact. Learned a few lessons here and there, that being my first time as an expe leader in the first Sea Ex for my batch. But paddling on my part was much better than the previous day. Thank God. Credit goes to my bro too, for telling me how to use sweep strokes for a dancer.

****apology for technical kayaking lingo****

Kayaked around 30 klicks, I think, which actually isn't very much (I think) as compared to the pros out there. But quite an accomplishment for the boy who couldn't kayak straight.

Oh yeah, one funny incident. (Joke's on me)


Context: Practising of kayak-to-swimmer rescue. Kayaks on beach. Victims (simulated, of course) approx 50-100m out.

Tai Yong pushes kayak out to sea, and starts to paddle, to save victim.

20 seconds into kayaking, Tai Yong swerves to avoid person to starboard (it's actually his fault that he got so close anyway). Unfamiliar with new kayak. Capsizes.

Tai Yong starts towing kayak back to shore, while other kayaks begin to rescue their victims.

Tai Yong's victim: Help! Help! (in between gagging laughter) My rescuer is capsized!

All(I'm convicned) other rescuers begin to laugh. Some can't stop laughing even after 10 minutes after I've rescued my victim. Everyone's laughing. I'm laughing too.

And that partially explains why I was so surprised when I was made expe leader.

Been a busy 2 weeks. REALLY need to sit down and study. Lord, grant me the ability to do so.

Time to sleep.

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