Monday, June 27, 2005

I passed my lifesaving test

I passed my lifesaving test.

Didn't really go as expected. The 4 of us coursemates screwed up a bit here and there. Until the examiner became a bit expected, cuz we weren't used to his style of doing things.

But we passed.

We still passed.

I'm a bit surprised because the examiner was scolding us, telling us some story of some other examiner who passed a class and then the people in that class became lifeguards and weren't competent and the examiner ended up in jail.

Then after a half hour plus of chiding us and scolding us and telling us our mistakes (but hey, to his credit, he's really doing his job), he suddenly went,"ok, but I'll pass you anyway".

I have so many people to thank. Coursemates Andrew, Zu Quan, Ken, David for acting as my victim... most of all Uncle Patrick and Damien, my coaches, for teaching me how to really save a life. Even if the victim is your father or mother he or she will still grab you and struggle for air. He is desperate. Never take a victim from the front. Go behind him. Restrain him. If he struggles let go. Your life is more important, no use having 2 victims in the end. Stay calm.

And then there're the lessons they taught me about endurance. I'll remember Damien's continuous lap swims. 100m. Rest a few seconds. 100m. Rest a few seconds. 100m. Rest a few seconds... 5 times or more. Or the warm-ups. 16 laps in 4 strokes. Warm-up only. Aack. Then there's the time we were doing endurance training on NEW YEAR's EVE. Pretty inexperienced lifesaver back then. Indoor temperature was 25 degrees celscius from my house. It'd been raining the whole day. So the water was even colder. 20 degrees maybe? I still remember that particular scene (and feel cold when I do).

Drizzling. Water friggin cold. Uncle Patrick goes,"哎呀, 水不冷啦。水那么烧。哪里有下雨? 雨是假的啦!Go swim your laps." (Translation: "Aiyah, the water is not cold lah. It's so hot. Raining? The rain is fake) And so we swim and swim and swim. 水不冷. 雨是假的.水不冷. 雨是假的.水不冷. 雨是假的.

Not that these people read this blog, and though I've thanked them personally anyway, I still have to put it up here as well, cuz I know that it's not because of just myself that I am able to do what I can today. "No student is better than his teacher but when he has finished his course of instruction he will be like his teacher". I thank God especially for letting me have such fantastic coaches. I know that I'm not too good a swimmer, even after much improvement (I only picked up a reasonable freestle early this year).

(I got 2:43- which is just an OK timing for the item (time limit is 3:15) where we start fully dressed. Then we see a drowning victim, have to remove clothes, tell bystander to call for help and plunge in, sprint 50m then tow victim back 50m. ) Heh. I can't even plunge properly at that. (so I have to make up by trying to swim faster). But still, with all this learning and all these teaching I know I can save a drowning person.

Thank God.

I did have the option of going back to take higher awards, like AM (Award of Merit), Bronze Cross, Senior Resusc or even up to Instuctor or Teacher of Lifesaving. I've got something like the O'levels of Lifesaving, the BM (Bronze Medallion. NOT the swimming bronze award), (which technically is valid for 3 years, but I know the lessons I've learnt will stay with me for much longer than that, many thanks to my coach and heee my parents for paying the fees). But the thing is, I've set out to do what I wanted to do, admist a tight schedule and simultaneously taking Kayaking Star 1 and 2. I might continue another day, but not now.

Must go back to YPM already. Long time. 6 months? And it's study too for now. Priorities :God, Studies, ODAC and physical training.

Going back to YPM!! Sonic Edge thing right? Yay. Might be bringing a couple of non-Christian friends along.

Common tests start tomorrow. Pray for me, anyone who might be reading this blog. And oh yeah, if you're reading this, whoever you are, thanks for reading this blog. Often wonder who reads it, if anyone at all. (I know my bro reads this and so does Pam, but don't know about anyone else).

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