Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A long weekend.

Had a long weekend. Vesak day and all. Had lotsa uncompleted work before this weekend, which is still uncompleted. Spent the weekend relaxing. Been running around non-stop. Needed an urgent break.

Only 3 real days of school next week. Tues, Wed, Thurs. Friday is some funny occasion by my school called "Be-yourself-day", where we're supposed to "be-ourselves" by doing stuff like taking part in soccer matches, basketball and blah blah blah. Which is pretty weird since AJCians do that stuff every other day, if not everyday, and if we were really given a choice to "be-ourselves", we'd really rather not go to school.

Then the June holidays start. But of course, most of it is taken up already.

My spiritual walk?

Been spending time with God. Average of a half hour a day. Not really much, considering the fact that I can spend hours on end playing some funny free games from the internet. (Hey, I made 2 million+ from 1000 in gold in that game!). Looking forward to returning to YPM (Young People's Ministry) after I pass my lifesaving.

Read some of my old, handwritten journals last night (I'm still writing in them). Realised how God has been working in my life all this while. I mean, I always knew that, but sometimes it takes some time before the full magnitude of what God has done sinks in and you go, "Wow".


Supposed to finish up my work for tonight. But I don't exactly feel like doing so, to be truly honest. Oh well, lemme see what I can do. Then I'll think of some ways to cover up the undone work tomorrow (sheesh, I'm getting good at that).

Schedule for tomorrow :

0550-0730 Wake up and ask God for strength to take on yet another new day. Stretch, eat breakfast, take 72 to school. Attempt to sleep on bus on way to school, but probably end up watching some Anime show on TVmobile. Reach school. Meet up with friends.

0730-1255 Lectures, tutorials and all. Learning to pay attention, simply because it's difficult for the moment but pays of later.

1255-1700 Go to Asian Civilization Musuem for some forum by MRT. Representing school with one other guy for this one. Have no idea whatsoever what it's going to be about.

1700-1900 Make my way to church for discipleship with Samson (my discipler), Caleb Lim, Lowell and Joseph. Da pou* dinner on the way.

1900-2030 Discipleship. Doing Romans now.

2030-2200 Make my way home on 55. Samson stays in church, Caleb and Lowell are driven home by Lowell's dad. Joseph's dad drives him home. Don't wanna trouble my dad. He'd have to go out of the way to get to church and back.

2200-2300 Pack bag for tomorrow, quickly complete some essential homework. Get ready to sleep.

2300-2330 Talk and then pray with parents. Listen to my bro's MP3 player for around 10 mins.

2330-2400 Thank God for giving me strength to survive yet another day and sleep


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