Monday, May 16, 2005


Just back from a 24 hour ODAC camp (started on Friday night, after school), which included a trek at Bukit Timah, covering the Dairy Farm loop and all. Got like 3 hours of sleep -_-. Then went for the lifesaving(lifeguard) course yesterday night. Got scolded for lousy plunges, slow swimming and all. Came to a point where I just swam slowly and kept doing the pushups as punishment for missing the sprint times.

But I guess the fatigue's gone with sleep last night and a good 3 hours this afternoon. (anyway, I guess my bro's NS experience is much tougher than what I'm going through).

Studying for History Common Test tomorrow.

June holidays are coming soon. Looking forward to an expedition to Gunung Belumut and Kayaking Star 2 plus kayaking as backup for a charity swim. And I'll be taking my lifesaving test in the 3rd week of June. heee. Still got project work and homework to do on top of that. Caleb (Lim) asked me to do logistics with him for Creative Arts Camp, which is a children's camp by my church. Prayin' bout that. Seems pretty impossible right now, but oh well, if God wants me to go, He'll make a way.


Something happened today which I'd deem pivotal. Consecration. Speaker today (Uncle Ee Ming, if I got the spelling right) gave an altar call for consecration to the Lord. Consecration and obedience to the extent of martydom if it be so. Just felt the Spirit of God telling me to go forward. I do not know what exactly God has in mind, just that He told me to go forward.

And I did.

I have no idea what this is going to lead to; when this decision will come back to me I do not know. 5 years later, 10 years later, 40 years later? But I just sense that one day, God is going to remind me of this decision. It might be something infinitesimally small, or something great, or something that requires great pain and sacrifice, or something that is going to cause the world to hate me, or maybe even some tiny, seemingly insignificant role in another's ministry.

But God will call me, I believe. May not mean full time missionary work or ministry (hopefully not, Lord, from my current, limited human perspective). And the thing is, I have said that I will go.

I take no pride in the fact that God has planned for me to participate in His work. Only humbleness, that such a mere mortal like me could have a role in my Lord's kingdom. And I pray that pride will not take over. For if God does not raise me up to do His work, He will raise up another. And if there is no other person, He will raise up a stone.

But for now, it's studying for the Lord's glory.

Study, kayak, rockclimb, boulder, swim, run, trek. And oh yeah, soccer and b. ball (which I'm still kinda bad at)


luzanne said...

well one thing i learnt before i graduated from uni is that all of us are called to be missionaries.

The question is whether He has called us to minister in a Christian organisation e.g. church/ YWAM or in a non-Christian organisation e.g. IBM, Merck, MOE etc

glenn said...

Bro, for certain reasons, won;t be reading your blog. Really sorry, but you are in my prayers, i assure you.

Get too affected when i see some stuff, really sorry.