Monday, May 09, 2005

The 2nd post... what else can I call it?

Hi all

So this is my nice little blog.

Hopefully I'll start posting serious messages soon enough.

But I don't feel in the mood to post anything serious right now.

So I'm just trying to make the 2nd post look a little longer.


2 common tests just over today. Didn't go too well. But yeah, I just praise God in all things. Thank God that I didn't panic throughout both tests, probably because I'm used to tests back in my ol' school Montfort where I could go through a whole paper, only feel confident of getting a quarter or less correct and still feel happy after that (but back then I didn't really study).

Those were the days. Then my A maths teacher would come into class the week after the test and prove that the paper was totally a piece of cake by showing us how a 10-step question could be done in a step or two.

Montfort, Montfort, Montfort. 10 years. Sometimes you only appreciate things when they're gone.

So I should start appreciating AJ now, I guess.

God help me.

(Hey, I actually managed to write something serious!!!!) clap clap clap*

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pamela said...

heh. yes.
we often only learn to appreciate things too late huh.